We're convieniently located around the planet. Open 24/7...This site is currently under construction.....Visit here for our archive;

http:www.mixcloud.com/realsoundunderground/  hit twitter #realsound_u_g

But , this is the hub of the known universe.

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Huge thanks to the thousands [ no exageration ] of indy producers , labels , co-ops , promoters , event crews and of course dj"s that have sent us sound. Amazing stuff.

hit us up on mixcloud, well be seriously multi platform by winter.


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Heres where you'll find our current stream.

 We've currently promoted over 1000 sets from all electronic genres with fair success ; everyone got more listens. That late boost on your mixcloud upload out of nowhere , quite possibly us , community service. Were doing this out of pocket , so of course we're broke.

If anyone thinks weve helped anyone out ,  and would like to reciprocate , our visionary curator advisor is taking donations for us on paypal [ pturecki@yahoo.com ] ,  to keep that crew in lunch money ;he's a super dedicated high end underground dj , were thankful for that insight and help.         anything can help us on the community mission.

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WE are , by nature , huge fans of underground radio and internet broadcasting. We even like the pirates. Deep respect to all of you for the effort and dedication.

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underground electronic sound network

Thanks to the global electronic community for the massive support and warm welcomes weve recied from literally every corner of the world. ....MIND BLOWING

We are currently starting this network up out of pocket. The original inception was a form of community service so well go that mile...We're dj's ,,and not corporate,so its a bit of a challenge. We welcome any help we can get,, seriously,,,,but you cant buy our stream , well spin what we want, it works out pretty ok were told.

We're hoping to provide the service needed , and set up a system for donations if anyone want to help send out the kind frequencies.

Doors:open 24/7 / Show:nonstop  |  Tickets;any help is great

Wow ,

 Our first 6 months have been so busy its hard to believe. whenever we get close to releasing a final website we see new features that are necessary. Mostly we're realizing how important this comunity is , it's mind boggling to link it all together. We stay committed to the best sound and perspectives we can find.

Our twitter feed has been quite successful , as well as our mixcloud page which is becoming an institution.